Since 2007, EAGLEVIEW products have been used by hundreds of FBOs across North America, from Texas right through to Alaska.




Ask for the best tools! 

Stop running, taking risks and losing your time. You have so many responsibilities, focus on the most important, not the volume.  

Refueling is not a game, errors can cost lives.



Optimize operation time! 

Keep your operation lean and mean. Reduce down times and optimize your resources: no more waste!

Stop using  your staff as a checker.



Beat the competition!

Customers want to be in and out as quickly as possible. Help them by making sure your staff is well equipped!

Focus your team on running a top FBO.

Eagleview, the work alone safety solution

Never ask a second lineman or pilot

Values Added



Avoid costly back and forths while refueling.



Work alone. Never ask a second lineman or pilot.



Never lose focus. Constant monitoring.



Avoid costly under/over refueling. Make sure you are on target.

Be the fastest FBO

Avoid costly back and forths while refueling


"A difference? Like night and day. We are very impressed with the Eagleview. We like the scrolling messages and the overall build and quality of the displays".

Rick Garcia, Meridian Teterboro (USA)

“I like it, and I'm really impressed with its look and ease to set up. The display is visible from right across our yard! It's a good piece of quality gear".

Mark Wilkin, Tanker Solutions (New Zealand)

“Always get the greatest support from you guys, so I know Sébastien will be there if I need help".

Dany Wong, Accuflo (Canada)

”Both units installed last year are doing fine. I used one of the trucks the other day to help my guys out on a busy day and it was very nice to have those big numbers beaming back”.

Craig Beatty, Fly Air North, GS/Refueling

"It's a tool that we use every day, it makes our operations easier and more accurate".

Gilles Hébert, Transport B&B, Fleet Director

Our client (Chartright) loved it. The screen is so visible that they can now go to fueling alone at night, instead of always needing two people with one just to read the meter. The pilots like it too because they can see exactly how much as gone into their aircraft

Dilyn Keogh, AGFT, Field Technician

Stay connected even when working remotely

Never lose focus. Constant monitoring.

our satisfied Customers

Increased efficiency

Avoid costly under/over refueling. Be on target every time.

Case Studies


Meridian Teterboro - Aviation

We equipped Meridien refuelers with two Eagleview LED displays directly connected to the EMR3 register pulse

Read more


Simon Giguère - Oil & Gas

We equipped a truck with an Eagleview display and remote controller to help operators when delivering petroleum products to industrial, residential and commercial customers

Read more


B&B Transport - Liquid Bulk

We equipped seven tank trailers with Eagleview displays, level sensors and audible alarms

Read more


Sherbrooke Airport - Aviation

We equipped a truck with an Eagleview LED display directly connected to the LCR3 register pulse



Pascan - Aviation

We equipped a truck with an Eagleview LED display directly connected to the LCRII register pulse



It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1: Open the box

2: Connect your Eagleview device to your register

3: Enjoy all the benefits!

Supported technology

Stop wasting time: Equip your fleet or tanks with the best on the market - EAGLEVIEW

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