EagleView Large Industrial LED Display Since 2007

EagleView Large Industrial LED Display Since 2007


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Manufactured in Canada, the EAGLEVIEW LLD is a powerful large industrial LED display built for the demanding refuelling industry. Visible from a distance, it displays the volume for safe and accurate operations. 

  • The EAGLEVIEW LLD has 1 row to display the volume (quantity)
  • The EAGLEVIEW LLD is visible from a distance and in harsh climates. Our satisfied clients from Alaska to Texas confirms it. Temperature is not an issue for Eagleview displays!
  • The EAGLEVIEW LLD standard is numeric and an alphanumeric version can be supplied on demand.

Benefits of large industrial LED display:

  • See critical information from a distance
  • Eliminates the need for a checker
  • Reduces back and forth 
  • Displays volume, pricing or total

Refueler Meridian Teterboro eagleview display fbo TEB

    Compatibilities / Installation diagrams

    Key Features

    • Visible from 120ft. (even in direct sunlight)
    • Bad-weather resistant
    • Can be mounted straight on the tank
    • Works with any pulse output meter
    • Easy to install and to update


    • Power Supply Input : 12-24 DC Volts, 1A
    • External dimensions : 15.47” x 6.6” x 1”
    • Weight : 4.5 lbs
    • Extended working temp : -40° to 185°Fahrenheit  / -40° to +85 Celsius


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