Case Study - Simon Giguère, Oil & Gas, Qc, Canada

Simon Giguère Oil & Gas

Simon Giguère Produits Pétroliers & Lubrifiants

For over 45 years, Simon Giguère Produits Pétroliers & Lubrifiants has served companies, institutions and homes all over Quebec. The company is specialized in the sale and delivery of petroleum products, such as fuel oil, industrial fuel and lubricants.

Concerned with relevant issues, such as saving energy and respecting the environment, the company has integrated a range of environmentally friendly products.

“You have to try […] to work for common interests […] try and find avenues in this industry that require innovation” - Denis Giguère, Owner and son of founder

simon giguère oil & gas eagleview wrc lld display remote control

Our proposed solution

Equip a tanker with an Eagleview display and controller to help operators while delivering petroleum products to industrial, residential and commercial customers.


  • Reduce errors
    • Help the operator accomplish tasks from a distance
    • Ensure quicker and safer delivery
  • Eliminate back and forth between the tanker and fill site
    • Allow for quick reactions in case of emergency or equipment failure
  • Complete access to the state of the system, even when the truck is out of view

Spillages and overflows can cost tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in decontamination costs

simon giguère oil & gas eagleview wrc lld display remote control

Confirmed results

  • Can see and control amounts away from the truck, regardless of the delivery point location
    • Can check delivery factors at any time (amount delivered, product delivered, flow, volume)
  • Assists the operator while s/he accomplishes tasks

Mr. Giguère is a precursor who is always open to change and collaborations.

“Absolutely, […] I can’t ask for anything better than working with people helping us in our industry”. 

A delivery worker can carry out 10 to 30 deliveries per day, 5 days per work. That’s approximately 5,000 deliveries per year.

Features and advantages

  • Control
    • Constant line of communication with the truck
    • Constantly monitor activities
    • Critical information available at all times
  • Safety
    • Warnings and alerts in real time
    • Immediate reaction in case of problems
    • Emergency stop from a distance
  • Operational
    • Delivery monitoring
    • Product monitoring

simon giguère oil & gas eagleview wrc lld display remote control

Following the project

Efficiency and performance analysis of Tekinno tools carried out in summer 2016. Following this, we evaluated equipping the whole fleet with the tools and prevent costly errors!

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Tekinno Corporation is a Canada-based company offering control and monitoring devices for tanks and storage. Their Eagleview devices are mainly used in the demanding refueling industry. Since 2007, Tekinno products have been used by hundreds of FBOs across North America, from Texas right through to Alaska.

Our main goal is to deploy a smart environment aiming at avoiding or substantially reducing human errors and quality issues, increasing efficiency to process involving high risks, bringing a safer work environment and achieving reliable, continuous, and accurate monitoring.