Case Study - Pascan Aviation/AvTech, Qc, Canada

Pascan aviation avtech cyhu jet fuel eagleview display fbo 

Pascan Aviation

Pascan is a Quebec airline company founded in 1999. The company operates within Canada, and more precisely in Quebec, Labrador and Ontario.


To increase its team’s safety, Pascan was looking to upgrade its equipment so that its operators could work effectively with the refueler truck. The company’s tankers were previously equipped with LCD displays. Despite this technology, which is designed to be visible from a distance, the operators were struggling to do their jobs. Unfortunately, operators were not able to read the LCD display due to the sun’s glare or a lack of light.

“It’s a tool we need in 2017, there is no reason why tankers shouldn’t be equipped with LED displays like the Eagleview” - Jason Côté, Ground Supervisor

Our proposed solution

Replace one LCD tanker display with an Eagleview LED display

Pascan aviation avtech cyhu jet fuel eagleview display fbo


  • Reduce back and forth between the aircraft and the register

    • Prevent having to use a second operator (checker)

    • Increase delivery efficiency

    • Increase precision of quantity delivered

Confirmed results

  • No reflection, even in direct sunlight!

  • Speeds up refuelling

    • The additional visual support allows operators to focus on other tasks

  • Linemen prefer using tankers equipped with an Eagleview LED display

  • There is a significant difference between LCD displays and the EAGLEVIEW display.

Pascan aviation avtech cyhu jet fuel eagleview display fbo

Following the project

Following the trial’s positive results, Pascan confirmed that it will equip all its tankers with Eagleview displays.

“I’d put them on all the trucks!” - Michel Amaral, Ground Operator


Features and advantages

  • Visible from up to 120 feet

  • Interfaces with all registered trademarks on the market

  • Works at -40 to +80°C

  • Bad-weather resistant (rain, snow, ice)

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Eagleview LLD in action


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Tekinno Corporation is a Canada-based company offering control and monitoring devices for tanks and storage. Their Eagleview devices are mainly used in the demanding refueling industry. Since 2007, Tekinno products have been used by hundreds of FBOs across North America, from Texas right through to Alaska.

Our main goal is to deploy a smart environment aiming at avoiding or substantially reducing human errors and quality issues, increasing efficiency to process involving high risks, bringing a safer work environment and achieving reliable, continuous, and accurate monitoring.