3 Lines Industrial LED Display

3 Lines Industrial LED Display for aviation fixed storage tanks


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  • offers 3 row to display the volume (qty), the total in $ of the delivery and the price per gallon (or liters). 
  • is visible from far distances and in harsh climates. Our satised
    clients from Alaska to Texas prove it. Temperature is not an issue for the EagleView Displays!
  • is alphanumeric and oers you the ability to display greeting and
    marketing messages to your customers coming from everywhere in the world.


  • More pilots will choose your fuelling terminal because of its value-added features
  • You can customize the display terminal color to your corporate image
  • Universal display terminal by managing and displaying imperial / metric unit conversion
  • Easy to install and to update services with our PLUG & PLAY installation and up to date software
  • Easy message customization
  • Easy fuel rate change using wired or wireless connection


  • 3 display rows with six (6) high visibility LED digits 3 inches tall
  • Luminosity intensity control according to outdoor lighting conditions (day, night, fog, etc)
  • Adaptable interface with any electronic meters and mechanical pulsers
  • Display both numerical and textual messages
  • Weather proof NEMA4x enclosure
  • Visible from 120 feet (36.5 meters)
  • Can be mounted on wall using Unistrut fixtures or concrete floor using the beam


  • Power Supply Input : 12-24 DC Volts, 1A
  • External dimensions : 25.6” x 23.7” x 3.50”
  • Beam length : from 3ft to 7ft
  • Weight : 45 lbs
  • Extended working temp : -40°F to 185°F
  • 3 years warranty