Sun is shining! Ground operator loves it...except while refueling!

Ground operator loves it...except while refueling!

Everyone, except vampires, loves a good day sunbathing at the beach! Sun is warm and shiny! What's not to love then? While refueling an airplane, the Sun can cause major delays, simply by reflecting in the glass of the register. What can you do then? Equip your tank or storage with an Eagleview LLD Display!

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Tekinno Corporation is a Canada-based company offering control and monitoring devices for tanks and storage. Their Eagleview devices are mainly used in the demanding refueling industry. Since 2007, Tekinno products have been used by hundreds of FBOs across North America, from Texas right through to Alaska.

Our main goal is to deploy a smart environment aiming at avoiding or substantially reducing human errors and quality issues, increasing efficiency to process involving high risks, bringing a safer work environment and achieving reliable, continuous, and accurate monitoring.