Steady Growth Seen For FBO Industry

In a recent article published on the Aviation week network, we found some really interesting informations for FBOs. We highlighted you the main points: 
"FBOs are reporting good traffic and increasing fuel sales from 3% to 5%.”
"Using flight activity data of turboprop and business jets from Argus TraqPak, overall traffic for the first six months of 2017 was up 3.9% compared with the same period in 2016. Flight hours were up 6% during the same period. [...] Fractional activity was up 5.7% for the first six months of 2017."
“As the economy continues to improve and expand, we see more flight hours being logged in all categories, but mostly by the Part 135 and fractional operations.”
"In a recent interview, the ABSG principals talked about what it will take for FBOs, particularly smaller independents, to remain competitive in this consolidating yet fractured business.
“FBOs must compete on two different levels to not only gain customers but also to maintain the customers they have,” said Jackson. It isn’t all about selling fuel and providing superior ramp services to capture and maintain a viable business, he said. Other factors come into play." 

We believe that a growing industry might lead to a strong demand for FBOs to be more efficient, accurate and faster. In those conditions, Eagleview can be the solution! Our LLD display allows linemen to refuel an airplane alone, in an accurate way! 

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Tekinno Corporation is a Canada-based company offering control and monitoring devices for tanks and storage. Their Eagleview devices are mainly used in the demanding refueling industry. Since 2007, Tekinno products have been used by hundreds of FBOs across North America, from Texas right through to Alaska.

Our main goal is to deploy a smart environment aiming at avoiding or substantially reducing human errors and quality issues, increasing efficiency to process involving high risks, bringing a safer work environment and achieving reliable, continuous, and accurate monitoring.