FBOs and linemen; We are closer to know exactly what pilot's want

Have you ever thought how life would be easier if you could read pilot's mind? If you could exactly know what they are looking for when performing a refueling? If you could know what factors influence their choice when deciding which FBO they will do business with? 

Don't worry, we didn't do any magic, neither introduced ourselves in their personal journal: we conducted a survey! 

Through this study, we found out multiple insights on what could FBOs and linemen do in order that pilot's choose them! 

Here's a brief summary of the informations we collected! If you are interested in getting the whole study, simply send us an email : ftourville@tekinno.com  !!


Results of survey  



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Tekinno Corporation is a Canada-based company offering control and monitoring devices for tanks and storage. Their Eagleview devices are mainly used in the demanding refueling industry. Since 2007, Tekinno products have been used by hundreds of FBOs across North America, from Texas right through to Alaska.

Our main goal is to deploy a smart environment aiming at avoiding or substantially reducing human errors and quality issues, increasing efficiency to process involving high risks, bringing a safer work environment and achieving reliable, continuous, and accurate monitoring.